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How to excel in sustainability and diversity within 16+y. vocational education

  • Project number: 2021-1-BE02-KA220-VET-000033269 

  • Duration: 1/11/2021-01/11/2023

In our context we see diversity in an intersectional approach. Intersectionality means that somebody’s social identity is not perceived in terms of just one aspect of it (such as gender, social class, religion, ethnicity, sexuality) but that these aspects together shape somebody’s perceived and experienced social identity. All these different aspects coexist, mutually reinforce each other and decide the unique social location that an individual occupies.

In order to ensure that employers in the EU are able to adequately and ethically deal with diversity issues, it is necessary to create an inclusive environment in our education system. It is not possible to provide diversity sensitive teaching and learning without addressing this complex relation between social identities and the organizational and societal context.

This project has as main aim creating an inclusive environment in the cooking and catering vocational adult training space of Europe. Its objectives include:

  • Creating an inclusive learning environment in Cooking and Catering vocational adult training students learn about diversity students learn in diversity teaching and learning take place in an inclusive learning environment.
  • Implementing sustainability in cooking and catering vocational adult training.
  • Validating both instruments to measure sustainability and diversity sensitive curriculum on all levels of an organization in vocational education.

To achieve these objectives, the project consortium will create the following products:

  • A Handbook with proved best practices improving sustainability and diversity on all levels of vocational education.
  • A series of validation instruments to judge sustainability and diversity in vocational education.

Project partners

The consortium is formed of …


Centrum voor volwassenenonderwijs SVG


Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs MIRAS





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