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ENTRE_VET: Entrepreneurship education for VET

  • Project number: 2023-1-EE01-KA220-VET-000151299

  • Duration: 01/02/2024 – 31/01/2026

Entrepreneurship is seen as an enabler of job creation, work integration and inclusive and sustainable growth. Hence, the European Union supports entrepreneurship through funding, knowledge-building, and policy work. Specifically, entrepreneurship is seen as a key element in VET education. In 2020, Partner Members signed the Osnabrück Declaration on Vocational Education and Training as an enabler of recovery and just transitions to digital and green economies. Furthermore, the European Skills Agenda for Sustainable Competitiveness, Social Fairness and Resilience stressed the importance of fostering entrepreneurial and transversal skills.

However, changes are still not being seen in all countries. According to EUROSTAT, only 5.9% of young people in the EU are self-employed. Furthermore, CEDEFOP analysed in 2022 the current studies of entrepreneurship in VET education over several countries of the EU. The results were relatively poor in many countries since entrepreneurship education has not been fully applied in VET education. This imbalance between the expectations of EU recommendations, and the realities in EU VET schools, shows there is a need for tools that support the inclusion of entrepreneurship competences in VET education.

Following this need, ENTRE_VET seeks to produce materials to help achieve the aims of the Osnabrück Declaration. The project will complement the competences officially stated by each EU country in the VET curricula. VET trainers have a key role in the acknowledgement, interest and understanding of entrepreneurship by their students. They can help them participate in the needed change of the EU economy towards a more resilient, entrepreneurial network.

Objectives of Entre_Vet project

The project has the following objectives:

  • To analyse the VET student behaviour and inclination towards entrepreneurship.
  • To assist VET schools in the implementation of the Osnabrück Declaration on Vocational Education and Training.
  • To provide students with understandable, easy to follow and useful information about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • To adapt VET education to the needs of the labour market and the economy, providing students with tools that will enable them to transition from VET education to their professional path.
  • To collaborate in the European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness, and resilience.
  • Strengthening the collaboration between VET centres and entrepreneurs.
  • Providing a tool to bring entrepreneurship closer to VET students at risk of social exclusion.
  • Promote digital learning in VET education.

To achieve them, the consortium will create:

  1. A study on entrepreneurial behaviour of students, analysing the entrepreneurial intention and creating workshops with entrepreneurs.
  2. An entrepreneurial micro-learning course to include in VET education.
  3. An entrepreneurial platform and digital image to access all contents from ENTRE_VET.

Project partners

The consortium is formed of:


Mediterráneo Culinary Center


Center for Education and Innovation (InnovED)




Volwassenenonder wijs MIRAS (MIRAS VET)


Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus (PVEC)


Handwerkskammer Flensburg