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  • Project name: GREEN CAPITAL – Sustainable and green practices for VET centres

  • Project number: 2023-2-ES01-KA210-VET-000175295

  • Duration: 01/06/2024 – 30/11/2025

GREEN CAPITAL aims to contribute to several blocks of the European Green
Deal at educational level, and thus contribute to the climate neutrality that is
expected to be achieved by 2050. The project was born from the idea of
taking the example of the cities awarded as European Green Capital and
implementing their good actions in vocational schools.

Objectives of the project

  • Raising awareness in teachers and learners, specifically in VET
    education, about the current climate crisis.
  • Engage the educative community in the fight against climate change.
  • Promote activities and good practices in VET centres to provide
    training in sustainable skills.
  • Improving skills and providing tools on environmental sustainability
    and climate change.
  • To enable participants, both individual and collectively, to acquire
    information on circular economy, climate action and food waste.

To achieve them, the consortium will create:

  1. One TOOLKIT. Divided in 3 sections:
    – Section 1: Theoretical part. Case studies about the winners of
    European Green Capital.
    – Section 2: Practical part. Tests to evaluate what has been learned in
    the previous section.
    – Section 3: collection of best practices at European level.
  2. One TRIVIA GAME. To enable students and teachers to complement
    the acquired competences with the toolkit. It will consist of a game
    board with three categories: circular economy, food waste and climate
    change adaptation.

Project partners

The consortium is formed of:




BIC Ljubljana


ENAIP Veneto

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