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WE COOK IN - Using cooking skills to integrate people with a migrant background into the hospitality sector and increase their job opportunities

  • Project number: 2022-1-NO01-KA220-ADU-000089795

  • Duration: from 01/11/2022 to 31/10/2024

Co-funded project by the European Union

The intention of this consortium is to create opportunities for unemployed migrants. Often, when these people arrive in a new country, they often lack training, do not know the new language well or, directly, their training does not correspond to the needs of the market.

Outcomes of the project

At We Cook In, we are committed to helping these people by defining the following objectives:

  • To promote social inclusion of people with a migrant background into their host countries’ societies via the labour market in the HORECA sector, using a Universal Design for Learning.
  • To increase third-country nationals’ hard and soft skills, necessary to access the labour market in the HORECA sector.
  • To create learning materials for third country nationals related to cooking practices and intercultural skills (soft skills and language skills).
  • To create learning materials for adult educators, to raise awareness about cultural diversity, and self-reflection related to prejudices towards third country nationals.
  • To create self-assessment tools to check the acquired knowledge for the culinary sector and promote the use of European tools.

Work packages

To achieve the following objectives, we will carry out the following work packages:

  1. Training modules for trainers/adult educators. Presenting the concept of diversity learning, describing intercultural skills, and sharing the latest tools from the EU for competence validation.
  2. Training Modules for Learners. Learning/Teaching/training material- Toolkit with modules with basic vocabulary of the cooking sector, hard skills in the culinary sector (20 videos) and transversal skills or soft skills to increase immigrant’s opportunities to access the labour market.
  3. Online MOOC as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of learning resources developed.

Project partners

The consortium is formed of:


Trøndelag fylkeskommune


Mediterráneo Culinary Center


The Rural Hub

North Macedonia

CES Academy